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by Wendy Craig

I found myself uplifted and inspired by her sympathy for humanity and her love for all creation; indeed, she opens the eyes and stirs the heart with her uncomplicated and free-flowing verse.

It has rekindled in me a desire to stay close to God, and has refreshed my mind with her passionate sentiments and delicate and accurate use of words.

This book is a treasure of human experience and awareness. I intend to always keep it near me to remind me of God’s provision and the beauty and diversity of life.

Wendy Craig is a well known British actress. She has received many awards including a BAFTA for Best Drama Actress, BBC and  ITV Personality of the Year. Wendy is a passionate supporter of The Leprosy Mission and has been their Vice President for over twenty years.


Born in Devon and growing up in Kent, Alison has lived and worked in London (as a hospice nurse), Bhutan (with the Leprosy Mission), Oldham and Isle of Man (as a wife and mother). Her first poetry collection, Faith Hope Love was published in 1987. This was followed in 1991 by The Song of the Sparrow, with a foreword by Diana, Princess of Wales.

She is delighted now after many years of being a busy mum to have another collection published by Onwards and Upwards. She hopes that through her writing readers will be comforted and challenged, but above all will be pointed to God who has been with her through the valleys as well as on the mountain tops.



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