In this collection of beautifully crafted poems, Alison captures life in all its stark reality: emotion drips from her expressive words as she, sometimes subtly, paints pictures, revealing the scene before her. These pictures though, come to life and draw the reader in, enabling them to live that reality also. Two of her works particularly stand out for me, ‘Dead Ironic’ and ‘Journey Home’; these I found very moving in their composition, eliciting the feeling of loss as a loved one passes. However, in the second part of her book, ‘Raised’, we are introduced to a very positive theme; we begin to glimpse hope emerge out of the darkness of despair. Alison encapsulates a beautiful tender moment in ‘Thin Blue Line’, as she relates a mother’s experience of pregnancy, birth and family life – real life experiences. Then the question, ‘What of the future for my children?’ We feel the anguish and yet the hope. Finally Alison revisits in graphic verse, the events of the Bible’s New Testament. Her works culminate in the realisation that God’s Kingdom has come on earth through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – hope comes to a desperately needy world.

Raised from Dust is a book to return to many times. I thoroughly recommend it.



David J. Bailey

Author and retired Baptist Minister