Thought-provoking yet very accessible, these are poems that will resonate over and over again with the reader. I’ve found myself coming back to them hours later - pondering on deeper meanings, reflecting on what they have to say about modern life and the people I meet every day, or challenging me about my attitudes and preconceptions.

I loved the poems that so vividly portray the Isle of Man, but I also enjoyed those that transported me to bustling cities or exotic faraway places. I read with pleasant nostalgia poems celebrating the precious gift of children and family life and I was deeply touched by those that embrace illness and death. Yet most importantly perhaps, here too are poems that challenge my faith and encourage my often-faltering walk with God; that retell in a new way stories that are so familiar to me; that reveal once again God’s kingdom, and remind me of the depth and power of God’s love for the whole world. Thank you, Alison, for such refreshing and inspirational writing.



Jacqueline Shirtliff

Teacher and former editor of Magnet Magazine